Welcome to Toprint Labeling Machine Division


Toprint Packaging is a leading solution provider specialize in customizing labelling machine for each industry needs. We provide total solution on labelling process from labelling, coding, scanning and digital inspection system. We commit to provide robust, creative and practical solutions to our customers with the best match customized labelling machine. Our solution has been widely used in lubricant, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food & beverage, electronic & battery industries.

The Front and Back (2 sides) Labelling machine setup is user-friendly, accurate & consistent label placement for reliability and durability. The features that incorporated into the machine are able to do either both side labelling or single side labelling, it has the alignment system, top stabilization on bottle, and machine synchronization system to make the custom-made machine easy to control by any operator.

Zero Downtime Labeler, increase labelling efficiency with zero downtime. The double front and back labelers provide easy to operate solution for pressure sensitive label application with auto label end detection and auto label change over. With this labeler, two labeling applicator heads are set to run the same label and when one labelling head runs out of labels, the second head starts labelling. The labeler will ensure no product receive two labels or missing label. A synchronized servo motor drive allows labelling up to 150 bottles per minute.

Top labelling machine for vial glass bottle and round bottle provides high productivity and flexibility when wrapping label on cylindrical containers. The machine of full wrap can be operated in an existing line or stand-alone unit. The machine is able to provide total solution on wine bottles, glass food jars and plastic bottles.

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